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Depression and Anxiety

Depression affects at least 10% of people. Anxiety/stress affects up 18% of people. With both depression and anxiety, it can be very hard to be present in the moment and be able to problem solve. Our minds tend to be overwhelmed, we have problems with motivation, poor sleep, negative or anxious chatter in our brain. This can be very debilitating and keep us from achieving our goals in life. With proper treatment, you can feel better.

Life Stress

There are so many life stresses that can throw us off kilter or balance. From a break up in a relationship to parenting issues, health concerns, loss, job loss, and transitions in our lives, we feel stressed. Stress can affect our health, our mind and our lives.

MFBCounseling can help you to identify strategies to take care of yourself and take steps to help you address your problems and concerns.

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