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Welcome to MFBCounseling!

Today, stress is inevitable. We have such busy lifestyles with so many demands and responsibilities. As a result, there are constant challenges. Sometimes, it is hard to deal with our problems, and we feel stuck, making it hard to take action. When we are having a hard time, it is difficult to feel grounded and enjoy our lives. Have you found yourself :

  • having low motivation
  • procrastinating
  • feeling low or depressed
  • negative or worry thoughts
  • feeling anxious
  • new mom and feeling overwhelmed
  • feeling irritable or moody
  • low self esteem
  • ught up in perfectionism
  • not taking care of yourself
  • dealing with relationship issues
  • grief and loss issues
  • job and career issues

Therapy is an excellent way to explore how you can feel better and find more balance in your life. It is an opportunity to spend time talking to a therapist, who gives you their undivided attention to help you identify what the issues are that are keeping you stuck and how you can start to move in a positive direction. It is an opportunity to put yourself first. It is a collaborative journey to reaching your goals. MFBCounseling is here to help you with that journey.

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